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Fall Baby Shower Ideas (With Amazing Photo )

A baby shower always becomes a milestone of every “parent to be” to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little baby into the world. It is also a joyous and unforgettable moment when the “mom to be” can share it with all of her lovable families and friends. Throwing a baby shower will be more special when it is held in a special season. And fall is the favorite and lovely season that most of “mom to be” dream of. Every season is actually a lovely time for a baby shower party, but fall has its own built-in theme. There are so many creative ideas and inspiration that can be applied when you choose fall as your best baby shower season, such as the fall baby shower ideas for boy, fall baby shower ideas for the girl, rustic baby shower ideas and also fall baby shower decoration ideas that will make fun and memorable baby shower ever.

fall baby shower cake ideas fall baby shower centerpiece ideas

Fall Baby Shower Ideas for Boy

A lot of “moms to be” prefer to choose the fall season as their special baby shower party because of many reasons, such as the weather, food and even the traditions. Cozy foods and crisp air that supported by the warm color theme will make your event becomes one of memorable baby shower ever. As one of the favorite and versatile seasons, you can choose this lovely time for both of your baby girl or baby boy shower party. And there will be certainly so many creative ideas which can be tried to make your shower perfect. But, it can be little difference between the boy and girl shower. Comes to throwing your boy shower party, the option of warm, rustic and fall color theme will be perfect. Choose the “Woodland” idea as the whole of the theme and add a little boyish color on it, and its perfect! Warm color, such as orange, red, brown, yellow or rustic color theme will look stunning with the adding of strike light blue or chevron on it. Apply this color theme combination at the decoration, foods, favors and the other supplies at the party. For the decoration, you have to create a “Woodland” atmosphere on your party area. Decorate your area with the decoration kits with paper string in warm colors with “Fall Baby Shower” or “ Woodland Baby Shower” or even “Welcome Baby Boy” letter on it. Add some colorful lantern to make your area more festive. For the centerpiece, you can use the pine cone, branch, or even piece of the trunk and decorate it with a great design. Don’t forget to add some supplies in cute animal design, such as paper decoration, doll, or even decorate your baby shower cake with cute animal topper. Just create and decorate your baby shower area into a woodland and fall theme perfectly!

fall baby shower ideas for a boy Fall Baby Shower Ideas for Boy

Fall Baby Shower Ideas for Girl

It is also a brilliant idea when you choose the fall season for your baby girl shower theme. One of the most favorable fall themes for the baby girl is a “Little Pumpkin” theme. This little pumpkin theme will really turn your baby shower party into cute, fun and warm baby shower ever. Since the theme is little pumpkin, you will fill up your party with everything that related to the “Pumpkin”, whether is on the decoration, foods, favors, invitations and the other supplies. Hanging up some paper lantern or paper fans in orange color that looks like fabulous pumpkin hanging on your ceiling. You can also use the paper string that shaped in a cute pumpkin shape and affixed to the wall as the backdrop or strung around the table edges. Add some colorful paper streamers are also a great idea. As the table centerpieces, design a pumpkin with the pine cone, flowers, gilded leaf décor or even draw or design the pumpkin into a cute baby head with cute pink ribbon and pacifier. There are so many interesting ideas which come to the food ideas for the little pumpkin theme. Start to choose your baby shower cake, choose whichever the cake design according to your style, whether is cheap, expensive or just simple cake design. But, it will really set your theme perfectly when it is topped with a little pumpkin topper on it. You can also combine it with some cute cupcakes in pumpkin’s design as well. Thank your guest for their arrival by giving the baby shower is always needed. You can choose a tiny pumpkin “thank you” tag, or a sweet little pumpkin candy for the sweet gift.

fall baby shower ideas for a girl Fall Baby Shower Ideas for Girl

Rustic Fall Baby Shower Ideas

Another popular and adorable fall baby shower theme for most of “mom to be” is the rustic fall baby shower theme. It is such a cozy, fun and charming way to celebrate the arrival your bundle joy together with your family and friends. There are many adorable ways to incorporate your rustic fall theme into a chic baby shower party all the time. The rustic style is always related to the old-fashioned and timeless style. Start to design your invitation with a rustic fall design that adorably set the tone of your theme. There will be certainly so many great ideas of rustic fall invitation design that fit your preference. And then, try to plan the concept of decoration, foods, favors, and even activity that fit the party theme. In order to decorate your rustic fall baby shower area, the option of rustic items will be mostly required. You can use some rustic items, such as the burlap, paper shred, rustic tablecloth, barn, and trunk. To emphasize the fall theme look, you can add some branches, flowers, pumpkins and even fall leaves to spread throughout. Decorate them in a great color theme that can represent the fall rustic style perfectly. The combination of brown, white, beige, wood color and the warm color theme will be preferred then. For the centerpiece, you can decorate some flowers in a vas mason jars with burlap wrap or candles in decorative mason jars. Treat your guest with delicious and nice buffet, such as the rustic baby shower cake, pizza, macaroon, pie, bread, salad, cupcakes and the beverages. Just choose the great taste foods that your guest will love and interest to try. Send your guest home with the smile by giving the great baby shower favor. Cookies or candies that are wrapped with burlap and lace is a great idea then.

Rustic Fall Baby Shower Ideas favors Rustic Fall Baby Shower Ideas invitations

Fall Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Adorable and unique decoration design always catch the first impression toward your party will be. And it also happens for your baby shower. Different and unique baby shower decoration is always required. It will be a brilliant idea when you choose the fall baby shower theme and you are dreaming unique decoration at the same time. Fall baby shower theme offers so many different ideas and ways to decorate your party areas into such a lovely, charming, fun and also unique. Since the fall theme has different ideas like the woodland ideas, rustic ideas or even little pumpkin ideas, just decorate it depending on the ideas that you have chosen. But, the fall baby shower theme is mostly used the warm tones for the decoration, such as orange, brown, red, beige and other. We are also still allowed to use some decorative item, such as the paper lantern, paper garland, streamer, paper shred, paper string, or even balloon to be decorated. In order to emphasize the fall theme, we have to add some decorative item in the fall themes, such as gold leaf, trunk, branch, pumpkin, pine cone, burlap, and others. You can also use your food as decoration. Decorate every buffet item into pretty fall theme decoration that would tie in with the shower tones. Add some decorative items, such as the gold leaf and pumpkin into your buffet in order to support the decoration.

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