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(10 photo ) Coed Baby Shower Invitations Ideas for Fun and Memorable Event

Having a baby shower is not only about the girls. Times are changing and the fathers-to-be can invite their male friends to attend the baby shower party nowadays. Planning to host a co-ed baby shower is a great alternative for those of parents-to-be to share the baby shower celebration with all of their family and friends. However, a lot of the male genders are usually hesitant to attend into such a girl only celebration. Coed Baby Shower InvitationsThis co-ed baby shower will help guys to have fun, show up, and be comfortable in the party. A successful co-ed party can be started from the choosing of invitation design. There are many ideas for the co-ed baby shower invitations that can be chosen. Your work is just to find to get the right one in order to keep it balanced and friendly for your male and female guests. Here are some guidelines which can be used for designing your co-ed invitations, including of co-ed baby shower invitation BBQ, funny co-ed baby shower invitation, co-ed baby shower invitation wording and even the co-ed baby shower invitation templates.Coed Baby Shower Invitations ideas

Coed Baby Shower Invitations BBQ

Hosting a co-ed baby shower will be certainly different from the traditional girls-only baby shower. If in the traditional girls-only baby shower usually invite only girls or ladies that are mom-to-be friends, but in this co-ed, you have to invite and encourage the guys to come as well. It is similar to the other party, be sure to keep your guest in mind as you choose everything for the event such as the invitation. Choosing the right co-ed invitation is absolutely important to keep it guy-friendly. Tons of co-ed invitations are available, but not all of the invitations are fit to our baby shower theme. Then, it is very required to choose the right theme which is fit to the parents-to-be style and also the co-ed theme baby shower itself. One of the best and popular co-ed baby shower themes is BBQ baby shower party. It is really fun theme for both of male and female guests to enjoy the party. Coed Baby Shower Invitations BBQThe BBQ baby shower party makes a more casual atmosphere where the guys can be comfortable when he cookout the BBQ with the other guest. When it comes to choosing the co-ed baby shower invitations BBQ, a lot of stylish design can be picked out. As a general party theme, the BBQ baby shower does not need too pink, feminine or even frilly invitation design. It just needs a simpler and more guys-friendly invitation design. And you have to watch on the picking out the invitation wording. It is better to replace the word “shower” with “celebration”. But, if you still prefer to use the word “shower” be sure that it is clearly stated into “guy-friendly baby shower”. The option of rustic style is really matched to your BBQ co-ed invitation design. You can choose any simple rustic BBQ invitation design and personalize the detail information to the design. This BBQ co-ed baby shower invitation usually doesn’t need the picture or image. It already looks stylish and fun with simple design. But, it is up to your preference if you are going to add any picture on the design. Don’t forget to add “BBQ” to the invitation to inform your guest the theme of the baby shower party. Another simple and stylish BBQ co-ed baby shower invitation design that is worth to be preferred is the BBQ chalkboard invitation style. Just choose the best one that fit your style!Coed Baby Shower Invitations BBQ simple

Funny Coed Baby Shower Invitations

It is certainly fun when the dad-to-be also take part into the planning and organizing the baby shower celebration. Having a co-ed baby shower is a perfect way to invite the guys to come. Any unique and general baby shower theme will be preferred then. There will a lot of planning to keep this co-ed baby shower in balanced. Such as at the choosing of the right invitations design that can encourage the guys to come to the celebration. Picking out the co-ed invitation will be little different to the other baby shower party theme. Funny Coed Baby Shower InvitationsStarting from the invitation colors, design and also wording will need some consideration indeed. It is recommended for you to avoid too many pastel colors and prefer for a more man-friendly invitation design. There are also a lot of funny co-ed baby shower invitation designs, whether is on the designs or even the invitation wording. For the funny design of co-ed baby shower invitation, you can add any cute and funny pictures of the mom-to-be and dad-to-be. Choose the cute cartoons or image of the mom-to-be and dad-to-be that doing cute activities, such as cooking can be chosen. And other ideas is choosing funny invitation wording for your co-ed baby shower invitation. There are tons of funny co-ed baby shower invitations wording that available. You can just copy it and paste into your invitation design for an easier way. But, if you are going to add more special touch into your invitation, you can add your funny message into the design. You can also add the mom-to-be and dad-to-be picture to set the scene of the co-ed baby shower into the invitation design.Funny Coed Baby Shower Invitations ideas

Coed Baby Shower Invitations Wording

The option of right wording is always important for any invitation, and also for the co-ed baby shower invitation. The right wording will inform your guest about the celebration perfectly and also catch their attention at the first sight. Since it is a co-ed baby shower, the parents-to-be have to look for any invitation wording that is guy friendly not only for the color and style. Choosing the right wording is really important which can encourage guys to come to the party. Just looking for a lot of inspirations before deciding to design your co-ed invitation wording and there are some invitations wording for the co-ed baby shower that may help you, let’s check them out!

Coed Baby Shower Invites to give additional ideas in making awe-inspiring shower invitation wording 1240
Couples Baby Shower Verse 1
We are excited to say,
a baby girl is on the way!
Join us for a Couples Baby Shower honoring
Patrick Kim & Patrice Wilson
On February 5th
at two o’clock in the afternoon

TownGate Park
901 NW 155th Avenue
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33028
Kindly RSVP by January 27th

Couples Baby Shower Verse 2
Sharon and Billy are having a boy!
Please join us for a
Couples Baby Shower
to welcome baby Sam
Saturday, June 2nd
4:00PM – 9:00PM
1234 Baby Rd.
Nokesville, VA 20181
hosted by:
Jane And Patrick
*Regrets Only to 111-200-1234
Sharon and Billy are registered at
Babies ‘R’ Us and Target

Couples Baby Shower Verse 3
Guys and Gals come and mix
at Couples Baby Shower
You don’t want to miss!
Let’s celebrate with
Kate and Roger
June 4th
at the home of David and Maria Hoffman
1234 Baby Drive
Virginia, GA 30542
Hosted by
Rowland Patrick and Amanda Hoffman*
RSVP by May 27th (111.200.1234)Coed Baby Shower Invitations Wording sample

Coed Baby Shower Invitations Templates

Finding the best co-ed baby shower invitations templates is not as difficult as we imagined before. There are tons of funny, unique and stylish invitation template for the co-ed baby shower are easily found from many different websites.Coed Baby Shower Invitations Templates Choosing the right and perfect template can be influenced by some reasons they can be the style of the couple, the theme of the co-ed baby shower itself and also the budget that will be spent. The option of light, airy and casual invitation template will be more preferred by most of the guys than something more stuffy or feminine feeling. You should be able to make it special but still keep it fit for both genders. Be sure that all your guests realize that this is, in fact, a co-ed or couple baby shower that also prepared for guys. Choose the general co-ed baby shower theme, such as BBQ, Hawaiian Luau, sports, garden party and other interesting outdoor party will encourage guys to come. You have to design or choose the best and right invitation template which can describe or set the scene of the co-ed baby shower theme perfectly. It is also important to prevent your invitation template from erring too feminine, frilly and pink in design or color scheme.Coed Baby Shower Invitations Templates simple

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