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Great Baby Shower Table Decorations Ideas

Baby shower party always becomes a milestone for every mom to be and dad to be. Throwing a baby shower party, everything should be perfectly planned and organized indeed. Like at any other party, you have to pay attention to every detail at the party including of the buffet or table decorations. The buffet or table decoration will certainly be the center of the attention of your party area. Your guest will taste and enjoy the delicacies that served on your buffet, like sandwiches, salads, crackers, cakes, cupcakes, juice and many other delicious meals. They certainly pay attention and even focus on your buffet table. Therefore, decorate the buffet or table dessert is really needed. The decoration can be different according to the theme and also the gender of the baby whether is for the baby girl or baby boy shower party. And it can also be different when you are throwing the indoor or outdoor baby shower party. Check them below!

baby shower table decorations at a restaurant baby shower table decorations boy

Baby Shower Table Decorations for Girl

Throw a memorable baby shower party for everyone by decorating a perfect buffet or table dessert as the center of attention. Decorating the baby shower and including of the table decoration should be set the theme perfectly or fit the theme. Like on the baby girl shower party. There are certainly tons of baby girl shower theme parties that can be chosen. Just decorate your table or buffet according to the theme that you have picked up then! But, the baby shower table decorations for the girl will be full or decorated with many girly items and also the girly color theme, like pink, red, purple, and others. You can choose and combine some girly color into your table decoration color theme. Start to decorate the buffet from the background or backdrop of the table. There are many adorable ideas which can be used as the backdrop of your buffets, such as wallpaper, paper streamer, paper string, paper garland, or even decorative photos. Add some decorative kits, such as balloons, tutu, tissue poms, streamer, lanterns and many other kits will make your buffet look more attractive. Cover your table with a cute tablecloth in pretty color can enhance the table look as well. You can choose the tablecloth in a plain color theme or in a patterned design like striped, chevron, floral or even the polka dot pattern according to the theme. And for the certain baby shower theme, you can also use lace, tutu or even burlap tablecloth. Place the baby shower cake in the center of the table as the center attention and organized the other foods and beverages on the table. And for the finishing touch, adding some flowers to the buffet or table decoration creates a lovely look.

baby shower table decorations for girl candy baby shower table decorations for girl diy

Baby Shower Table Decorations for Boys

Decorating a baby boy shower party is different from the baby girl shower party, including of decorating the buffet or dessert table. If the baby girl’s table decoration full of the girly item and girly color theme, the baby shower table decoration for the boy is commonly designed into cool and simple ideas. But, it is certainly according to the theme and also the mom to be preference or style. With tons of different baby shower theme, decorating the buffet or dessert table for the baby boy shower party is also varied in many different ideas as well. Some cool and boyish color themes that are commonly used for the decoration like blue, navy, black, grey, green, brown yellow and many other can be picked. You can also combine those color themes with the certain patterns, like striped and chevron pattern in order to make the decoration look more stunning. Choose great wallpaper as the background, like the safari wallpaper if you choose the safari or jungle as the baby shower theme. You will also need some decorative kits, such as paper streamer, paper lantern, balloons, paper string or even some toys and doll to add the decoration look. It is also a brilliant idea when you decorate your baby shower cake, foods, and beverages in a special way. For the example is using the similar tableware design with the theme or even adding tags for each of foods, desserts beverages. The guest will really pay attention to your buffet or table decoration while enjoying your delicacies. And for the extra special touch, you can sprinkle the confetti on your table decoration. Don’t forget to make sure that your guest will comfortable to taste and enjoy their meals!

Baby Shower Table Decorations for Boys cake Baby Shower Table Decorations for Boys homemade

Baby Shower Table Decorations Outdoor

Throwing a baby shower on the outdoor area is such a brilliant and fresh way to celebrate the arrival of your baby. The outdoor baby shower party offers the different impression from any indoor party and becomes a different concept for getting unforgettable baby shower ever. There are still many different themes or ideas which can be picked up for the outdoor baby shower party. It certainly gives us many ideas and ways to decorate the table decoration as well. The outdoor offers the fresh air, great weather and also nice view that appropriate for the baby shower party. If you choose the outdoor baby shower party, you should not be confused about the background or backdrop of your table decoration. Since the outdoor give or has a nice view, you should not use a backdrop. You can use the nice view for the natural backdrop of your table decoration then. You just need some decorative kits to decorate your tables, such as the lantern, tissue poms, balloons, paper streamer, flowers and many other decorative kits that fit your baby shower theme. But, it is still affordable when you are going to place a backdrop for your table decoration. You can use the cloth in a plain color, paper streamer, balloons, themed wallpaper or even using some baby onesie as the backdrop. Hanging up the “It’s a Boy Baby Shower”, “It’s a Girl Baby Shower”, or even “Welcome Baby” paper garland on the backdrop or table decoration. Place some flowers on your table decoration will make it look fresh and pretty that fit the outdoor theme. And arrange or decorate your baby shower cake, foods, desserts and also the beverages in a perfect decoration for the more attractive look.

baby shower table decorations outdoor boy baby shower table decorations outdoor umbrella

DIY Baby Shower Table Decorations

Adorable and even unique baby shower table decoration will certainly become the center attention on your baby shower party area. Besides of expecting to taste some delicious meals at the party, the eyes of your guest will be focused on your buffet or table as well. Decorating your table is really important then. Deciding the theme will influence how your baby shower table decoration look. Whatever your baby shower theme, some decorative kits are usually used in every baby shower decoration theme, like balloons, paper lanterns, paper streamers, wallpaper, toys, flowers and many other. If you have experience in the DIY decoration and have time to decorate your table, why don’t you try the DIY table decoration? It can be a smart idea since you will decorate or give a special touch to the decoration from the DIY idea and you can trim your budget at the same time. Just ask your family or friends to help you to decorate your baby shower table decoration. Meanwhile, most of the people prefer to get the custom-made decorate kits for easier work. There are so many different decorative kits in different theme available on many local stores or online stores. It will be an easy work when you purchase your decorative kits and comfortably decorate your table decoration at the day.

diy Baby Shower Table Decorations centerpieces

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